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Medical Billing

Medical Billing is a critical area that can be complex and tricky. If not managed the right way, Medical Billing can negatively impact your Revenue Cycle Management.

Medical Coding

Infinite Billing Solutions prides itself on providing quality & reliability beyond the normal scope of medical billing.

Front Office Management

Our Front Office Management team is highly experienced in various vital Front Office Management.


Infinite Billing Solutions will do more than take these financial worries. Infinite Billing solutions improve so many aspects of our client's overall business operations. Just as you are the best at what you do, we are the best at what we do.

The benefits to retaining Infinite Billing Solutions for your Medical Billing and  coding service provider.

More focus on Patients care

Reduced Administrative Duties

Enhanced Cash Flow

Reduced Billing Errors

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Secured Patient Data

Billing Compliance

Process Claims Faster

Why Choose Infinite Billing Solutions?

We consider ourselves a "Remote Business Office", leaving you with the feeling that we are in the next room, always ready to respond to your needs - as needed!

  • Improved Quality & Increase in Revenue
  • Billing in 24 hours & Timely Follow-Ups
  • Patient Support & Customer Services
  • Reduction in Account Receivables
  • HIPAA Compliance

More Control Over Billing,

Patient Care & Growth!

Infinite Billing Solutions has always spearheaded success by focusing on modernization and execution. This means we will use our resources with tact and skills while empowering people to do what they do best.

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Experience the Difference

We are a customer-centric company. Our aim is to provide reliable services that help your organization get the best return on investment. Be it big or small, a single physician or a large medical practice, our services are a go-to solution for all types of healthcare entities. BellMedex provides sound solutions so healthcare professionals can tackle all regulatory challenges without any worry. With a team of certified expert medical coders and medical billing specialists, we offer:

Quality Revenue Cycle Management

Our comprehensive RCM process identifies loopholes in your processes, prevents revenue leakage, and helps maintain your practice’s financial viability by putting it back on the growth track.

Medical billing and coding services

Simplify your billing, eradicates administrative burdens, boosts your revenue, and get the highest standards of coding accuracy and compliance.

Most affordable rates in the market

In today’s market, BellMedex aims to provide quality services at reasonable rates. Our on-boarding process is simple and straightforward with no hidden charges.