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    Medical Coding Solutions

    Infinite Billing Solutions prides itself in providing quality and reliability beyond the normal scope of a medical billing and coding service at one cost.

    We provide far more than data entry and claim transmission services; we ensure that your claims are accurately submitted to the insurance carrier the first time based on the individual carriers requirements.

    Similarly, with our Medical Coding Services, we empower you to meet the financial and compliance goals of your organization – effectively!

    How it Works

    Our coding staff is well versed and highly proficient in providing services such as:

    • Improve your coding accuracy
    • ICD 10 CM, CPT, HCPCS, NDC and Modifiers
    • Provider note Audits and Code Reviews
    • Specialty and Payer specific coding requirements

    With a comprehensive range of proven Medical Coding Services, we ensure to minimize errors, reducing lag days and optimize revenue.

    We assure tactful, efficient and accurate claim submissions via our professional coding services that are dispensed by experienced and highly trained professionals who are masters of their craft. To the contrary, if claims are not submitted accurately they result in heavy loss. Incorrect coding may result in inaccurate claim submissions.

    Why you should Outsource Medical billing and Coding Services to Infinite Billing Solutions?

    Infinite Billing Solutions is a one-stop-shop that offers you complete revenue cycle management services. We are experts in all areas of medical billing and coding. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing medical billing and coding services to Infinite Billing Solutions:

    • HIPAA compliant (Complete Data and Document Security).
    • Save up to 40% on operating costs per employee.
    • 100+ highly skilled support personnel are available.
    • Reports are available in real-time.
    • Innovative systems and software.
    • Access to Certified Experts.
    • Timely filed claims.
    • Strict quality control and information security policies are in place.
    • Reduce turnaround time.
    • Provide correct coding across specialties consistently.
    • 100% transparency with data and processing.
    • Secure information and data flow between Right Medical Billing and our partners made possible by dependable networking software and infrastructure.

    By choosing Infinite Billing Solutions, you are extending your staff without paying extra for the overhead. We will interview you about what you are searching for in a medical billing company then build a billing and coding team that will be dedicated to work for you. Our goal is to help you grow your revenue cycle, which means getting all claims handled proficiently. We are more than just a medical billing company. We are your partner aimed to help you achieve financial success.

    Our team handles complete revenue cycle management. This includes processing insurance claims, denial management, keeping accurate records, and more. With Infinite Billing Solutions as your financial partners, your facility will only focus on patient care, which in turn, increases patient volume. Medical billing and coding should be left to experts, and a team who is fully equipped with knowledge and updates on healthcare regulations.

    There are many medical billing companies who only do the bare minimum to earn their payment at the end of the cycle. With Right Medical Billing we clean up what was left over from the last billing company. We offer an audit to health care providers and facilities who are in trouble and will help them find the source of any issue that is impacting the revenue.